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Snamione Fic Recs

The Girl Who Never Knew

Title: The Girl Who Never Knew
Author: ellequoi
Summary: A man’s posthumous love for the girl who never knew changes both of their lives when his diary is found. Completed.
Word Count: 10,027
Chapters: 4
Link: Here

Bad Day

Title: Bad Day
Author: Drucilla Malfoy
Summary: Hermione and Severus find a good way to end a bad day.
Word Count: 1,723
Chapters: 2
Link: Here


Title: Daydreams
Author: Zelda Ophelia
Summary: Response to the WIKtT ‘Foolish Things’ Challenge. Plane tickets, piano jazz and dreams of secret lovers, such is Valentine’s Day after the war.
Word Count: 3,102
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Serving Justice

Title: Serving Justice
Author: LeoGryffin
Summary: Hermione’s darkest moment and unexpected decision gives Severus and friends an opportunity to defeat Voldemort. Secrets revealed, and leaps of faith, bring the most unexpected justice for all. COMPLETE
Word Count: 32,160
Chapters: 14
Link: Here

Rosemary and Thyme

Title: Rosemary and Thyme
Author: Oniko
Summary: Hermione’s friends talk her into undergoing past life regression to discover her soulmate. SSHG
Word Count: 3,260
Chapters: 1
Link: Here


Title: Mantra
Author: Secret Agent Smut Girl
Summary: Challenge Going through the motions is not living.
Word Count: 1,545
Chapters: 1
Link: Here


Title: Zoothapsis
Author: Dahlia
Summary: Zoothapsis’: (noun) premature burial. A response to the WIKTT April Fool’s Day challenge. [One-shot]
Word Count: 2,949
Chapters: 1
Link: Here


Title: Xenophobia
Author: OzRatbag2
Summary: How do you stop your children reading bigoted propaganda? SS/HG. A *COMPLETED* response to the WIKTT April Fool’s Day Challenge. Please read & review!
Word Count: 5,412
Chapters: 2
Link: Here


Title: Xoanon
Author: rhitmcshanm
Summary: Summary: What does every Potions Master need on his birthday? A little gift. A little blushing. It keeps the blood flowing, after all. Answer to a WIKTT Challenge. COMPLETE
Word Count: 2,355
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Any fics you can recommend me to that were absolutely hilarious? Much appreciated. xx

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