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Snamione Fic Recs

Small Talk

Title: Small Talk
Author: vanityfair
Summary: Hermione attempts casual conversation with her hated Potions Professor. Oneshot
Word Count: 3,254
Chapters: 1
Link: Here


Title: Psychotrist
Author: vanityfair
Summary: Hermione psychoanalyzes Professor Snape, and he’s not too happy about it. Oneshot
Word Count: 2,204
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Santa Severus Snape

Title: Santa Severus Snape
Author: Shiv5468
Summary: Severus Snape thought he was the most unlikely candidate for Santa, apart from Genghiz Khan. He might be right.
Word Count: 21,713
Chapters: 5
Link: Here

Three, Two, One

Title: Three, Two, One
Author: craZchica
Summary: COMPLETE - “To another year of unchanging routines. New? Unlikely.” Challenge Response, HGSS
Word Count: 1,058
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Have Yourself A Snapey Little Christmas

Title: Have Yourself A Snapey Little Christmas
Author: Titania Malfoy Snape
Summary: A Christmas one shot chock full o fluff. Please Read and review
Word Count: 2,700
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

A Simple Matter of Anatomy

Title: A Simple Matter of Anatomy
Author: rhitmchshanm
Summary: Hermione walks into a bar. It is the final strawonly a bar can solve this problem. WIKTT Bar Challenge entry.
Word Count: 3,313
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

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Four Times

Title: Four Times
Author: Aynthem
Summary: Complete. Will Severus give Hermione what she really wants for Christmas? A fluffy short story set in the (not so) distant future, written for those of us who aren’t too happy with what we see in the mirror these days. Warning: Contains very little snark
Word Count: 4,117
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

The Book of Love

Title: The Book of Love
Author: cecelle
Summary: It seemed so long ago that their story had started. A bushy-haired, brown-eyed girl, and a greasy-haired, hook-nosed man twenty years her senior… HGSS fluff. One-shot.
Word Count: 2,362
Chapters: 1
Link: Here


Title: Kairos
Author: Canimal
Summary: Hermione always felt she knew Severus from somewhere other than Hogwarts. After an explosion in the Potions lab leaves her close to death, her unconscious travels to the past lives she shared with her haunted professor.
Word Count: 79,952
Chapters: 21
Link: Here


Title: Finite
Author: buggaboo1
Summary: For a while, there had been hope. Hope that there would be a meeting of the minds, that she would find the key to his heart. She had been stupid, so terribly, terribly stupid. One-shot.
Word Count: 1,346
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

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