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Snamione Fic Recs

49 and Never Been Kissed

Title: 49 and Never Been Kissed
Author: neelix
Summary: Hermione is down on her luck and has to apply for a job with her old Potions tutor. She gets (and observes) far more than she bargained for.
Word Count: 22,116
Chapters: 11
Link: Here

Of Being Hermione Granger

Title: Of Being Hermione Granger
Author: Meladara
Summary: The path one takes toward their ultimate destiny is at the same time both unavoidable and unpredictable, even for those as organized as Hermione Granger. Follow with along her as she makes her journey, and discover the spotlight, reality, sweetness, pain, hope, and destiny of being Hermione Granger. A six part drabble series.
Word Count: 2,377
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Security Breach

Title: Security Breach
Author: reader76
Summary: Advocate Hermione Granger receives a visit from her friend Astoria Malfoy. Draco has been arrested on very serious charges and is in need of a good advocate to defend his case. Hermione agrees to speak to Draco as a favor to Astoria. Draco tries to convince Hermione that the case is worthy of Hermione’s attention.
Word Count: 32,686
Chapters: 10
Link: Here

Roses for a Stone

Title: Roses for a Stone
Author: BlazenPaths2
Summary: "Nobody said it was easy / No one ever said it would be this hard." - Coldplay’s The Scientist. Hermione agrees to a task that tests her in ways she never expected. Written for teshara in the 2012 Winter SSHG Exchange.
Word Count: 3,482
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Faith Healing

Title: Faith Healing
Author: Celisnebula
Summary: Hermione has lost the memories of the last twelve years of her life – she’s forgotten all about her daughter, Rose, or her life with Severus. All she remembers is the rough few years after the war, when she was desperately in love with Ronald Weasley.
Word Count: 15,679
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Takeaway and Alchemy or: How Hermione Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ministry

Title: Takeaway and Alchemy or: How Hermione Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ministry
Author: juniperus
Summary: Hermione Granger hates her boss, her ex, and being assigned a partner — or does she?
Word Count: 6,143
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

And the Tree Cried

Title: And the Tree Cried
Author: Bardsdaughter
Summary: Her heart breaks for the boy she sheltered as she becomes the tool of his torture.
Word Count: 3,185
Chapters: 2
Link: Here

Letting Go

Title: Letting Go
Author: irishredlass
Summary: Severus Snape has been named the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. Before he can assume his new duties with a clear conscience, he must first bury his wife and child. How does Hermione help him?
Word Count: 18,509
Chapters: 9
Link: Here

Summer School (For The Romantically Challenged)

Title: Summer School (For The Romantically Challenged)
Author: Proulxes
Summary: Dear Severus, Following our recent conversation, I am writing to confirm that you have agreed to take part in our new Summer Extension Programme at school. Working as part of a team with school staff and visiting professors, you will be partly responsible for the delivery of ‘Perfect Your Potion Making!’ a challenging and inspiring course for adult learners….
Word Count: 17,351
Chapters: 6
Link: Here

The Perils of Watching the Paint Dry Whilst Stranded Without a Wand With Rain. Rain and Rain and Rain. And More Rain

Title: The Perils of Watching the Paint Dry Whilst Stranded Without a Wand With Rain. Rain and Rain and Rain. And More Rain 
Author: TeaOli
Summary: Stuck without their wands, watching paint dry, during a seemingly endless rain, what can a witch and wizard do?
Word Count: 7,306
Chapters: 3
Link: Here