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Snamione Fic Recs

Rosemary and Thyme

Title: Rosemary and Thyme
Author: Oniko
Summary: Hermione’s friends talk her into undergoing past life regression to discover her soulmate. SSHG
Word Count: 3,260
Chapters: 1
Link: Here


Title: Mantra
Author: Secret Agent Smut Girl
Summary: Challenge Going through the motions is not living.
Word Count: 1,545
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

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Title: Zoothapsis
Author: Dahlia
Summary: Zoothapsis’: (noun) premature burial. A response to the WIKTT April Fool’s Day challenge. [One-shot]
Word Count: 2,949
Chapters: 1
Link: Here


Title: Xenophobia
Author: OzRatbag2
Summary: How do you stop your children reading bigoted propaganda? SS/HG. A *COMPLETED* response to the WIKTT April Fool’s Day Challenge. Please read & review!
Word Count: 5,412
Chapters: 2
Link: Here


Title: Xoanon
Author: rhitmcshanm
Summary: Summary: What does every Potions Master need on his birthday? A little gift. A little blushing. It keeps the blood flowing, after all. Answer to a WIKTT Challenge. COMPLETE
Word Count: 2,355
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Any fics you can recommend me to that were absolutely hilarious? Much appreciated. xx

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What Little Things Remain

Title: What Little Things Remain
Author: Flourish
Summary: Severus Snape and Hermione Granger have one thing in common: they remember because they must and they forget because they can. But one cannot run from the past forever it will always catch up. WIKTT ‘These Foolish Things’ challenge fic.
Word Count: 34,254
Chapters: 8
Link: Here

Learning to Breathe

Title: Learning to Breathe
Author: wallyflower
Summary: At the sudden disappearance of one Severus Snape, a certain student finds it difficult to breathe. A classroom romance.
Word Count: 2,209
Chapters: 1
Link: Here


Title: Restart
Author: flax
Summary: What is there to do when the fates won’t let you retire? (Complete)
Word Count: 6,090
Chapters: 7
Link: Here


Title: Freefalling
Author: dazedkitten
Summary: Oh, what the heck. It’s a timeturner story. Hopefully, though, I have managed to put a new spin on it. Complete in 13 chapters with Author’s Notes. Written before OOTP.
Word Count: 12,605
Chapters: 13
Link: Here